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SAT® prep class 
  • for Gifted & Talented regional search (7th to 10th graders)
  • for Academy of Science (AOS) admissions

PSAT/NMSQT® prep class
  • National Merit Scholarship preparation - READ MORE

TJHSST Test Prep 
  • TJ Freshman entrance test preparation (rising 6th to current 8th graders) - MORE

Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) or Iowa Pre-Algebra Test
  • Algebra 1 placement in Middle School (FCPS rising 5th & current 6th graders)
  • Pre-Algebra 1 placement in Middle School (LCPS rising 4th & current 5th graders) -MORE

School and College Aptitude Test (SCAT) 
  • for Gifted & Talented regional search (2nd to 6th graders) - MORE

Gifted and Talented Program
  • Level 4 Advanced Academic Program (Gifted & Talented in FCPS)
  • FUTURA & SPECTRUM Placement (Gifted & Talented in LCPS) LEARN MORE
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