Summer Courses
Various math, language arts, and test prep classes offered. READ MORE

Math Tutoring
Do you need extra help with understanding concepts or to get ahead? READ MORE

Reading & Writing Workshops for Grades K to 11
Aspiring to apply to TJHSST? What about college scholarships? Top universities and colleges? This workshop is for your child. READ MORE

Gifted & Talented Placement (NNAT & CogAT)  
Learn more what you can do as parent of AAP applicant in FCPS or FUTURA applicant in LCPS by attending our FREE informational session. Register for the Gifted Prep

Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) or Iowa Pre-Algebra Test
- Algebra 1 placement in Middle School (FCPS & PWCPS rising 5th & current 6th graders)
- Pre-Algebra 1 placement in Middle School (LCPS rising 4th & current 5th graders) - READ MORE

Math 7 SOL
This course’s goal is for your student to go from a Pass to a Pass Advanced (42 out of 50) on the Math 7 SOL. READ MORE

School and College Aptitude Test (SCAT) 
Gifted & Talented regional search (2nd to 6th graders) - READ MORE

TJHSST Test Prep 
TJ Freshman entrance test preparation (rising 6th to current 8th graders) - READ MORE

The Academy of Science (AOS) 
Located in Loudoun County they use the SAT® as a qualifying entrance test. Attend our informational session or contact Kia Perry at (571) 485-0934.  Register now!

Admission tests for private and independent schools. READ MORE

Math & Technology Competitions
Interested in courses like Game programming, AMC 8/10/12, ACSL & Java programming? READ MORE

PSAT/NMSQT® prep class
National Merit Scholarship preparation - READ MORE

SAT® prep classes
Gifted & Talented regional search (7th to 10th graders), Academy of Science (AOS) admissions & College/University admission - READ MORE

ACT® prep classes
College & University admission - READ MORE
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SAT® & ACT prepSAT & ACT ClassesPSAT/NMSQT® prepTJHSST Academy of Science 

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Telephone: (703) 839-8141
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